2751 E Ave. R

Palmdale California, 93550

Palmdale Location

We are located on Avenue R in East Palmdale, between 25th Street East and 30th Street East, down the block from the 7-11. (Directions)

Service Time

10am every Sunday


Recent Message

This is the the most recent message from Sonrise Palmdale. For the Sonrise Palmdale messages archive click here. You can also subscribe to receive updates through iTunes or your favorite podcasting app under show title, “Sonrise Church Palmdale Messages”

Recent Messages from Sonrise Palmdale

Audio/Reading Bible in a Year

We are reading through the New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs at Sonrise Palmdale. You can listen and read online or subscribe through iTunes or your favorite podcasting app under show title, “Sonrise Church Bible Reading.” Read or listen to the archives here.

RSS Sonrise Church Bible Reading Plan


The nursery is open every Sunday from the beginning of service until the end of service. We are a family friendly church, so you are also welcome to keep your little ones in the service with you. 


Kids will be checked into the Sonrise Kids rooms before service begins, but will enter the auditorium to worship with the adults. They will be escorted to class by our kids workers, just before the message.

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Donate to Sonrise Church

When you donate to Sonrise Church, you are giving back to the community we serve in Palmdale, California and our greater community. Donations go to outreach and helping ministries, worship ministries, teaching ministries, and administrative/operational costs. 

Leadership team

our team

Anthony Delgado
Lead Pastor
Trey Booker
Associate Pastor
Dan Southwick
Discipleship Pastor
Vincent Thayer
Youth Pastor Intern
Josue Gutierrez
Worship Leader
Talena Booker
Kids Ministry Director
Jami Delgado
Marcella Thayer
Andrea Southwick
Anthony Delgado, Lead Pastor
Trey Booker, Associate Pastor
Dan Southwick, Discipleship Pastor
Vincent Thayer, Youth Pastor Intern
Josue Gutierrez, Worship Leader
Talena Booker, Kids Ministry Director
Jami Delgado, Communications
Marcella Thayer, Treasurer
Andrea Southwick, Bookkeeper
At Sonrise Church, Palmdale, we follow the 2000 BF&M. This is a document widely acknowledged as being faithful to the scriptures by all Southern Baptist Churches. For details, click here.

Please visit us at 2751 E Ave. R in Palmdale, California. 

You can also call us at 661-349-8649

Or you can fill out the form below and we will be happy to contact you back shortly.

Sonrise Church, Palmdale CA

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