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11am, Popup Church Worship, Domenic Massari, Central, Palmdale CA
Anthony Delgado Palmdale Church Pastor

Lead Pastor

“‘The time is approaching when we won’t worship the Father on a mountain, in the temple, [or in a church building]. The time has come for true worshipers to worship the Father in Spirit and in truth’ (John 4:21, 23). For us, I believe that time is now. Worship has to do with our devotion to Jesus not the place we gather, whether in Jerusalem, Samaria, Palmdale, or wherever.” 

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Palmdale Church  is a multigenerational, multiethnic Christian community devoted to following Jesus and sharing Jesus’ love with our communities in Palmdale and in the Antelope Valley.

Come and join us in experiencing what true devotion to Jesus and the Kingdom of God is doing in our city.

Palmdale Church gathers for popup church services in different public locations on some Sunday’s and in home groups on other Sundays. Please arrange a visit to get information on our next gathering. 

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To follow Jesus ultimately means to love everything that Jesus loves. What does Jesus love?

The better question is, Who does Jesus love? Jesus loves the world he created. That doesn’t mean that Jesus affirms everything’s decision or action of every person. But, it does mean that there is a general love that Jesus has for the entirety of humankind. 

If we are to love all that Jesus loves, then we are to love people. It’s that plain and simple. In the game, ‘Follow the Leader,’ kids choose a leader and mimic all the leader does. As we follow Jesus, we sacrificially and abidingly love those who Jesus loves. 

That means there are no rogue, one-off, Christians. It means that we need to be connected to the church and to God’s people in order to experience the love of Jesus through His people. It means that we need to be connected to the church so that we know who is called by Jesus and who we are then called to love. And it means that we love the world around us–much of which means we love them by connecting them to the community of believers as well. 

For that reason, use the previous links to stay connected to the people of Palmdale Church so that you too will be a part of the community of Jesus’s people here in our city and to be an agent of His love.