Brainstorming Exercise

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What was your life like before you started following Jesus?

  1. What age group were you in when you started following Jesus?
  2. TIP: Not everyone can identify a moment when they made a decision. That is ok. Take your best guess.
  3. Use a new line for each entry. List any experiences you had with God/Jesus as a child? TIP: Did you go to church or have any other experience with Jesus or Christianity?
  4. As a teenager? Use a new line for each entry.
  5. As an adult? Use a new line for each entry.
  1. List any encounters you had with God before you started following Jesus? TIP: List good or bad spiritual experiences, answered prayers, etc. List one sentence per line for each encounter you remember.
  1. How did your encounter(s) affect your understanding of God/Jesus? TIP: List a one sentence response per line for each encounter.
  1. List any longings/desires/needs that shaped your journey to Christ? TIP: What obvious needs did Jesus address? Was it a sense of emptiness, a desire for forgiveness and acceptance, the longing to know God, the need to find significance, or something else? In what ways were you restless before you met Jesus?