Palmdale Weather

Weather in Palmdale See below for a -Day weather forecast for Palmdale California The temperature in Palmdale California can be unpredictable When you are going outdoors you should be prepared with the most accurate Palmdale weather forecast including the temperature highs the temperature lows the chance of rain or other precipitation and the air.
Palmdale Weather

Palmdale Weather

Weather in Palmdale

See below for a 7-Day weather forecast for Palmdale, California. The temperature in Palmdale, California, can be unpredictable. When you are going outdoors, you should be prepared with the most accurate Palmdale weather forecast, including the temperature highs, the temperature lows, the chance of rain or other precipitation, and the air quality. 


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Erosion in Cienega Creek Watershed, Photo by David Tuggle, Cienega Watershed Partnerhsip, 2016

Palmdale, CA, can be very hot. Some cities are only hotter than others due to a phenomenon called the heat island effect. Heat islands are urban centers that report higher temperatures than their surrounding communities. According to NASA, the weather in New York City can be as much as 7 degrees warmer than its suburbs as buildings, roads, and other human-made assemblies absorb heat from the atmosphere at a higher rate than the natural landscape. Therefore, the more people and structures in a small area, the hotter it will be.

Hot temperatures, like those in Palmdale, are often used metaphorically in the literature to express dependability. In the book of Job, Job complains about the undependability of his friends using weather language:

The wadis evaporate in warm weather; they disappear from their channels in hot weather.

Job6:17, CSB

Job found his friends to be undependable, coming and going with the weather. A ‘wadi’ is a desert stream that comes and goes according to the weather. In Palmdale and other surrounding desert communities, there are wadis, but we call them arroyos, gulches, gullies, or washes in the American Southwest. When temperatures in Palmdale sour, our washes dry up, but when it rains, they return, and so they come and go just like the wishy-washy friends of Job. 

Please note the 7-day weather forecast at the top of the page. Often weather channels offer 10-day weather forecasts, but when weather temperatures in Palmdale change so often, the 7-day seems to be a bit better than the 10-day. 

You will notice that websites often offer 7-day, 10-day, and 30-day weather forecasts. How accurate are weather predictions? The answer is that weather forecasts are more accurate in the short run and less in the long run. Some studies have shown that a weather forecast is more likely to be accurate, up to 90%, in 5 days or less, where ten days or more could be 50% or less. Forecasters take into account historic trends as well as current weather patterns. Still, having access to a weather forecast is helpful, even when it is less accurate.

As he who takes away a garment in cold weather, and like vinegar on soda, so is he who sings songs to a heavy heart.

Proverbs 25:20, MEV

This proverb speaks of the harsh cold that comes from the weather in Palmdale during the winter months. Palmdale, where our church is located, will have low temperatures on winter days, well below freezing, unlike most of our neighboring LA cities. Solomon reminds us in this biblical proverb that when you try to cheer up a person whose heart is burdened by grief, trials, and trouble; you are pouring vinegar on soda; you are steeling the coat of a man on a day when the weather is cold. 

Header photo of Palmdale Weather Mountain Road Scene, David Jimenez, 2017

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