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Reberandt, The evangelist Matthew and the angel, 1661

It’s essential to stay up to date with your community. Please note the following recent new updates from Palmdale City regarding our community. If you are in search of journalism from news sources, please see Palmdale News Right Now. The following links are the News Flash updates from Palmdale City.

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Aedes Mosquitoes: The Antelope Valley Mosquito and Vector Control District has identified invasive Aedes mosquitoes in Palmdale, California.

Measure AV: To protect essential City services and keep our community strong and healthy into the future, additional resources will be needed.

Little Antelopes on Parade! Kids Coloring Contest: We miss seeing our littlest community members around town at community events and in our programs so we are asking for help with an important project...

Palmdale Healing & Honor Field: The Palmdale Healing & Honor Field will feature 2,020 flags on 7½ foot tall poles in ordered rows.

Courson Connection: 20 years in the making...

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The ability to get news fast is essential to many people. News has always been crucial, and we are blessed to have the internet to deliver new fast today, even within Palmdale, our local city. For the ancient Greeks, news traveled very slow. If your kingdom was fighting a war and you won a significant battle, you would send a messenger to run as fast as he can to the king to deliver the good news. That’s about as fast as it got. 

The story of Jesus follows this news delivery system. The Gospel is the good news that Jesus has conquered sin and death. The one who delivers the good news to the king is called, in the Greek world, the evangelist. The one who provides the good news of Jesus to the world is the church’s evangelist. 

As a Palmdale Church, it is essential that, in all ways, the Good News of Jesus be communicated quickly to our community just as our community must stay up on local Palmdale news.

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