Trey Booker

Assistant Pastor

I admire the late Charles H. Surgeon because, even though he struggled through depression most of his life, he stayed faithful and true to the Lord. What a witness!

super vision

Secret talent

Able to visualize a final product and take on projects with little or no planning. 

People describe Trey as




When I was a kid

I wanted to be a business owner.

(like doing or selling stuff without a boss)

Rising Above


The Lord saved Trey Booker in August of 2000. He has been growing even closer to Him every day since. Trey has served the Lord as an EMT, both with patients and in management, for over a decade. He is now a business owner as he always dreamed, and has seen the Lord grow him through many trials into the leader he is today.

As associate pastor at Sonrise and through the Lord’s providence, Trey plans to continue service as a ministry leader wherever and whenever He leads.

Trey has been married to Talena Booker since 2005 when the Lord brought them together. They have three children as gifts from God: Kayleigh, Liliana, and Gabriel. 

A lover of all kinds of foods, Trey favors southern California Mexican food the most (Read, Tacos). He also enjoys cooking (tacos) and playing games with his children.

Loves to Listen To

Theology podcasts, the Bible in audio (various translations), and most types of music.

Loves to Read

“The Promise of the Future” by Cornelius Veena, “1984” by George Orwell, “Modern Reformation” magazine.

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