November 3, 2020 (Give Life)

Give me life as you promised. Lord; give me life according to your judgments. With great power the apostles were giving testimony to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus, and great grace was on all of them.

November 3, 2020 (Give Life)

Psalm 119:153–168, CSB

Consider my affliction and rescue me, for I have not forgotten your instruction.

Champion my cause and redeem me; give me life as you promised.

Salvation is far from the wicked because they do not study your statutes.

Your compassions are many, Lord; give me life according to your judgments.

My persecutors and foes are many. I have not turned from your decrees.

I have seen the disloyal and feel disgust because they do not keep your word.

Consider how I love your precepts; Lord, give me life according to your faithful love.

The entirety of your word is truth, each of your righteous judgments endures forever.

Princes have persecuted me without cause, but my heart fears only your word.

I rejoice over your promise like one who finds vast treasure.

I hate and abhor falsehood, but I love your instruction.

I praise you seven times a day for your righteous judgments.

Abundant peace belongs to those who love your instruction; nothing makes them stumble.

Lord, I hope for your salvation and carry out your commands.

I obey your decrees and love them greatly.

I obey your precepts and decrees, for all my ways are before you.

Proverbs 25:11–15, CSB

A word spoken at the right time is like gold apples in silver settings.

A wise correction to a receptive ear is like a gold ring or an ornament of gold.

To those who send him, a trustworthy envoy is like the coolness of snow on a harvest day; he refreshes the life of his masters.

The one who boasts about a gift that does not exist is like clouds and wind without rain.

A ruler can be persuaded through patience, and a gentle tongue can break a bone.

Acts 4:32–5:11, CSB

Now the entire group of those who believed were of one heart and mind, and no one claimed that any of his possessions was his own, but instead they held everything in common.

With great power the apostles were giving testimony to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus, and great grace was on all of them.

For there was not a needy person among them because all those who owned lands or houses sold them, brought the proceeds of what was sold, and laid them at the apostles’ feet. This was then distributed to each person as any had need.

Joseph, a Levite from Cyprus by birth, the one the apostles called Barnabas (which is translated Son of Encouragement), sold a field he owned, brought the money, and laid it at the apostles’ feet.

But a man named Ananias, with his wife Sapphira, sold a piece of property.

However, he kept back part of the proceeds with his wife’s knowledge, and brought a portion of it and laid it at the apostles’ feet.

“Ananias,” Peter asked, “why has Satan filled your heart to lie to the Holy Spirit and keep back part of the proceeds of the land?

Wasn’t it yours while you possessed it? And after it was sold, wasn’t it at your disposal? Why is it that you planned this thing in your heart? You have not lied to people but to God.”

When he heard these words, Ananias dropped dead, and a great fear came on all who heard.

The young men got up, wrapped his body, carried him out, and buried him.

About three hours later, his wife came in, not knowing what had happened.

“Tell me,” Peter asked her, “did you sell the land for this price?” “Yes,” she said, “for that price.”

Then Peter said to her, “Why did you agree to test the Spirit of the Lord? Look, the feet of those who have buried your husband are at the door, and they will carry you out.”

Instantly she dropped dead at his feet. When the young men came in, they found her dead, carried her out, and buried her beside her husband.

Then great fear came on the whole church and on all who heard these things.

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